Graphic reconstruction of the Castrum Maris (Fort St Angelo) circa 1660.

Author's graphic reconstruction of the northern sea-facing enceinte of the Castrum Maris (Fort St Angelo) circa 1660 prior to Grunenberg's radical remodelling, showing the various tiers of 'antemurali' which served as the basis for the later batteries.
First print of a set of 6 for Treasures of Malta by Stephen C. Spiteri.

Up to the mid-17 Century the Fort had retained much of its medieval character, notable features being the rounded bulwark on the northern side, the coastal battery facing the entrance of the Grand Harbour, the narrow towers with turrets, and the Castral Keep. Only the latter has broadly survived the radical remodeling carried out by Grunenberg. Kind acknowledgements to ‘Treasures of Malta’, Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti, and author Mr Stephen Spiteri.