The main thrust of the Society’s activity is the creation of an awareness of the unique historical relevance of Vittoriosa.   In this regard, the Society is involved in various initiatives and commitments, including the submission of proposals and recommendations to government on projects and improvements, and collaboration with government entities.  The Society’s repertoire of activities includes the holding of public presentations and exhibitions, guided tours of Vittoriosa and cultural visits to places of interest in Malta and Gozo.
From its inception the Society saw the need to organize an annual celebration at Vittoriosa to commemorate the Great Siege Victory, which was held as Malta’s National Day.  The Society wanted to bring back the memory of this Victory to the people of Vittoriosa, a Victory which brought great renown to Malta and to the Order of St John throughout Europe.  For many years the Great Siege Commemoration had been celebrated by the government at Valletta.  The Society felt that the rightful place for such an event was Vittoriosa, in the shadow of the Victory Monument built by the Order in Vittoriosa Square. The ceremony took the form of an oration on the role of the city during the Great Siege and ended with the laying of laurel wreaths at the foot of the monument by the constituted bodies of the city.  Distinguished personalities were invited to do the speech.   From 1994, following the setting up of the Vittoriosa Local Council, 7 September was officially recognized as Vittoriosa Day, and the the Local Council started to hold formal celebrations every year, which the Society participates in.

The Society is proud that it took the responsibility in 1965 to organize a full programme of events, on the occasion of the 4th centenary of the Great Siege Victory.  During the festivities the keynote message was that Vittoriosa not only brought Victory to Malta but also sealed its future.